• 4 Star Picks - 70% The last two years 105-43-1 
  • 3 Star Picks - 64% the last two years 109-58-4                                                                   
  • Overall Record - 57% last two years 1004-712-3

Hello Friends!  Welcome to Sports Betting Experts.  We are changing the handicapping market for the better.

How you ask? Simple.  By doing what every other great business does.  Put the customer first.  We care about your success.  Your success equals our success.  Keep reading and we'll prove it......

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  1. You go to a handicapping website and they give you their stats and their pitch.  They will give you all picks in all sports for one price and have a proven record. When you go to pay it's hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars for their packages.
  2. You go to another site and they are much more reasonable in price and have a similar record to other sites, but once you signup you find out it's another hundred for the special "Game of the Month" or 1000 Star super play and by the time you buy all of the add-on picks, late phones etc., they end up being the same price as everyone else.


Think about that cost for a minute.  If you have to pay $200 a month for picks and you're a $50 per unit player, you are down 4 units each month before you even get started.

Even if you are a $100 unit player with a $10k bankroll, it's 24% of your potential betting money each year you are spending on picks!

So how are Sports Betting Experts changing the game.......


Here is where we differ from the competition.  Instead of asking you to spend large amounts of money on picks, we offer affordable packages that won't drain your bankroll.


  1. All of our packages always include all picks in all sports (football, baseball, basketball).  No Upselling, No Picks of the month, No Gimmicks, No Add-Ons.
  2. We will never sell your email to anyone....EVER.  We will never call you unless you ask to be called.
  3. We post our picks for everyone to see shortly after kick-off, tip-off, or first pitch for full transparency
  4. We want to earn your trust.  We don't ask for large amounts of money up front, or ever.  The price is always the same and always affordable.
  5. We have a vested interest in the success of our customers.  We offer strategies here as well as bankroll management tips here.  We are available to you through our customer service.
  6. Sports Betting Experts has over 100 combined years of handicapping success.

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  • 4 Star Picks - 70% The last two years 105-43-1
  • 3 Star Picks - 64% the last two years 109-58-4
  • Overall Record - 57% last two years 1004-712-3

We document all of our picks on our pick history page where we will keep all of our historical picks available for transparency.

We will show what games we plan to have action on in the daily picks area.  Once the games have started we will reveal our picks to the public for your information.


At Sports Betting Experts we want you to succeed.  Without you, there is no us.  Give us a shot and we will show why you are #1 in this equation.

It's time to get in the game.  Check out our pick packages, sign up for free picks or continue reading our site, we just want you involved.

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